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A brochure web site is meant to be used by businesses as a tool to effectively display information with the use of text, graphics and photos in a user-friendly and aesthetic display. It is the simplest type of web site, yet an expertly created web brochure can make a lasting impression on your visitors. In addition, the brochure web site includes a contact page that not only displays your contact information, but allows visitors to fill out a contact form that sends an email directly to you.
Well by now you should know what E-commerce means, but if you don't, here's the idea: YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR WEB SITE! OK, that much is obvious really, but what's not obvious is how. The bottom line is that there are several ways to do it; whether it's building your own proprietary shopping cart system and accepting credit cards with your own merchant account or making use of cheaper online services such as PayPal, we will consult with you to determine what the best option is for you.
Database / Storage
Databases are the backbone of many advanced and "functional" web sites. If your web site needs to actually "do" anything, then you'll need a database. The database allows you to store information collected from visitors to your web site as well as quickly retrieve information you need to display. Common uses of a database include contact lists, events/calendar and inventory. Code is built around inserting, updating and retrieving this data for use in a web page.
Self Administration
First of all, if you need self administration, then you need a database as well. The self administration feature offers you a secure, password-protected interface allowing you to make changes to parts of your web site on the fly! This is a huge time-and-money-saving feature because you will be able to make changes immediately whenever you want to, without having to contact us.
Tracking / Reporting
Custom tracking involves writing relevant visitor movements to a database that can later be used for creating invaluable activity reports. This is definitely a smart idea as it provides a lot of insight into what your visitors are doing when they surf your site. More importantly, custom tracking reports help you make educated decisions about how to improve the effectiveness of certain aspects of the web site.
Macromedia FlashTM is a cutting-edge tool used to deliver eye-opening graphic animations and interactive displays. FlashTM can be used to create almost anything you can imagine, incorporating text, photos and graphics with movement and sound with impressive results. Some web sites are built entirely with FlashTM while some use it here and there. It is not meant for every web site, but it can be the perfect choice or complement for the design.
A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically — like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly — from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction. Blog posts are like instant messages to the web. We integrate exclusively with Blogger.com to achieve your web log needs.
Audio Blog
As you can imagine, an audio blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated audio posts that are arranged chronologically, just like a text blog. We integrate this service exclusively with AudioBlogger.com, which enables audio posting to your current blog site with any phone, at any time, from any where. You place a call, record a message up to 5 minutes, and in seconds it is posted to your web site. How cool is that?
Message Board
A message board allows your registered visitors to communicate with one another in a public forum. The exchange of ideas and comradery created by this vehicle encourages your visitors to keep coming back, which is what every site owner wants.
Guest Book
A guest book is a great way for anyone visiting your site to leave you a public message. This feature is recommended for any site associated with weddings, families, charities, etc.
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